Saturday, December 05, 2015


I've been too busy with clients and family trips to post much, but I thought this subject deserved mention. This is a terrific scholarship, named after a man who had a big effect on the work of many cartoonists.

Every year the National Cartoonists Society bestows the Jay Kennedy Memorial Scholarship to one talented college student pursuing a career in cartooning. This includes comic strips, political cartoons, comic books, animation, graphic novels, editorial illustration… any cartooning discipline.

The scholarship award is $5,000 and a free trip to the NCS Reuben Awards. Well, if you want to win the scholarship,you need to submit your work, and the deadline is December 15th!!! Gather up your best and send it in.

I had the pleasure of working with Jay Kennedy for three years. He offered me my first syndication contract, and after that, worked with me in developing two comic strips for King Features Syndicate.
I can say without a doubt that he helped to establish my career as a cartoonist, giving me training that was unavailable in any books or schools.

Sadly, Jay died while vacationing in Costa Rica. (A little-known fact is that he died a hero, diving into a riptide and successfully saving his fiance.)

The annual Jay Kennedy Scholarship, in memory of the late King Features editor, was funded by an initial $100,000 grant from the Hearst Foundation/King Features Syndicate and additional generous donations from prominent cartoonists. Submissions are adjudicated by a panel of top cartoonists and an award is given to the best college cartoonist.

This memorial scholarship is the sort of thing that can launch a young cartoonist's career. If you think that might be you, enter now!

Copied below is the official press release, and a link to get the info on submitting.



Do you need $5000 for college? Are you a college student doing cartooning? Then you could apply for the Jay Kennedy Scholarship. But hurry the deadline is December 15, 2015. 

For more information, please go to

The annual Jay Kennedy Scholarship, in memory of the late King Features editor, was funded by an initial $100,000 grant from the Hearst Foundation/King Features Syndicate and additional generous donations from Jerry Scott, Jim Borgman, Patrick McDonnell and many other prominent cartoonists.  A panel of top cartoonists adjudicates submissions and an award is given to the best college cartoonist. The recipient is feted at the annual NCS Reuben Awards Convention attended by many of the world’s leading cartoonists.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

On Digital Drawing Board: Recent work

Hope you had a terrific summer.  It was a fun and busy time here, with several trips to Chicago (for my Mom's birthday), Scottsdale, (business), the mountains (vacations/breaks).

Naturally, there were also lots of entertaining projects. (I thought I'd post just a handful of those, as I don't want to bore anyone.)


First, a personal commission for a family in Los Angeles who recently had a baby with a difficult delivery. Their obstetrician was evidently quite heroic in his efforts and successfully delivered the baby. They wanted something that could be framed and given to him as a thank you gift. 

I thought I'd share a little of my process here...

A B&W first draft with the doctor in a scene at the hospital. The client liked it 
very much, but I wanted to add a little humor to the scenario, so...

 I wrote this new dialogue: 

They loved the addition, so I added color, emailed the finished art for final approval...and then shipped the artwork. 

I understand the OB (below) was extremely happy and it is now on his office wall.


Another personal commission, this one for a client in New York who also wanted a framed cartoon to give to his brother for his birthday. (I don't know the significance of the Mexican gangster armadillos...I do know that the Porsche Boxster and Mercedes E350 are their cars. As a car nut and a casual fan of armadillos, it was a great deal of fun for me to draw.)

B&W drawing 

Color artwork 
(Click to enlarge)


One of several illustrations created for a soon-to-be published book:

Link: An Elegy For the Lost City


A couple of pieces for some ongoing book illustration projects:



Some marketing pieces for long-term clients: 

(CGNet, Menlo Park California)

(Connect360, New York, NY.)

Friday, August 28, 2015

More Iran Nuclear Deal cartoons

More cartoons covering the upcoming Iran Nuclear Deal vote in Congress...(created for a group of east coast newspapers.)

The House vote on the Nuclear Deal is coming up soon...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Iran Nuclear Deal cartoon

It was just revealed (Thursday), that the Iran Nuclear Deal allows Iran to use its own inspectors to verify that they are not building nuclear weapons.

Friday, August 07, 2015

Lions, tigers, pigs -- and Trumps!

I thought I'd step in for a moment, (taking a break from a busy summer of work and travel and a lack of blog posts), to comment on the first Presidential election debate last night, featuring candidates from the GOP.

In talking with a few friends and clients today, the reactions are mixed. Most who saw it thought it was a bit of a spectacle, yet most were surprised more by the hosts than by the candidates themselves.

A friend who is a writer and columnist weighed in, wondering if she had missed anything by listening to the debate rather than watching it on TV. I think the only thing that anyone might have missed in listening to it was the preening and attention to the camera given by the Fox hosts. In fact, I was disappointed in the way that Fox and their hosts approached this debate, particularly the first half.

Based upon the reaction from people in the media today, and the tone over the past few months, there is clearly a country-wide distrust of Washington insiders and the doublespeak that comes from career politicians from either party.

...Which I think explains the mysterious appeal of someone as bombastic as Donald Trump.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A client swam with the sharks last night...

One of my my favorite shows, (and one of the few that I watch, albeit once or twice a month),
is ABC's, Shark Tank. I don't know if you're familiar with the show...Budding entrepreneurs 
get the chance to bring their dreams to fruition by presenting them to five angel investor

One of my clients from a couple of years back, "Beneath the Ink", a start-up tech/media firm
here in Boulder, appeared on the show the last night. (It was a pleasant surprise.)

Their product provides a way to add a new dimension of content to digital text;
mainly books. CEO/founder Sherisse Hawkins is a former Vice President with Time Warner.
She and her company hired me to create illustrations and pop-up content for a model book.

They succeeded in securing $600,000 in investor funding initially, and were seeking 
additional investments on the show.

The show provided some drama but unfortunately, no sharks jumped into the tank with them
last night. I hope they are able to garner some interest from the publicity, (as many start-ups
who appear on the show do), since their product is a worthwhile way to boost the information 
and value of almost any book.

If you're interested, you can watch the episode: Shark Tank

Wednesday, April 01, 2015

On the Digital Drawing Board

I have not had the time to post here much, (work, skiing, family), but I thought I'd swing by with a sampling of a few things that have graced the drawing board recently.

It has been a long while since I've shared any work, (seems like I've gone from monthly to quarterly posts), so I will just touch upon a few recent projects.

First up is a political cartoon about European Central Bank's recent move to buy bonds. ECB president Mario Draghi launched a $1 trillion plan to help stimulate the European economy and markets. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel is not happy. --It looks like it has had its desired effect thus far, as the Japanese market was way up...and so far the same is true with the European markets. 

(The next two pieces were created for Axel Merk's column -- he is a regular contributor to CNBC's Financial report.)

(With a few dashes of color)


Speaking of Angela Merkel, I was hired by a British media firm to create caricatures of her as well as several other European leaders for one of its publications. (I'll share more on that after it goes to press.) Here's a sample:


Next up are a few examples of roughly 20 cartoons created for AT Internet, a French digital analytics company. They were created to illustrate a white paper, A Day in the Life of a Digital Analyst,white-paper/for their clients.

I worked with several of their employees in Paris, discussing the concepts via conference call. My French is not so good, so fortunately, the writer was able to translate. The initial white paper is in English, but it will be translated into French, German and Spanish, along with any text that I paced into the illustrations.


Below is a promotional illustration for an already published teen adventure novel, The Ancients: A Game. The author has been a great deal of fun to work with and has a few other books in the works that will require illustration.

                                                                               (Click to enlarge)


Next is a whimsical piece for a very large company, Roche Pharmaceuticals(Trust me, that's a unique combination, as most large firms don't think that way.) I was hired to create caricature and cartoon making fun of one of their executives. This scene was paralleling an old Warner Bros. Chuck Jones cartoon, "Duck Amok", involving Daffy Duck being the victim of the animator's tricks. --It was their idea and I was impressed that they knew of it. Completely wacky -- and lots of fun to draw!


Below is artwork for an album cover for recording artist, Stephen Hall, a talented recording artist from Connecticut.


Lastly, I've been working on a series of funny greeting cards for a new card greeting company in Chicago. Here are just a few golf-themed pieces of the stand alone artwork at this point, (the card concepts and humor can only be shared after they go to press and are ready to be marketed.)

April is shaping up to be quite busy, with several corporate advertising campaigns on the board and a few books to illustrate.

Until the next time...

Spring Break in the high country

I thought I'd share a few moments from our family Spring Break ski vacation. We had a fantastic time. Lots
of skiing, relaxing and gorging ourselves, (each day, in that order), was just what we all needed after a seemingly endless string of client projects and school work.

The sun was out, the temperatures were mild and we even got some fresh powder nearly every night. We also spent some time at Arapahoe Basin, which is a great choice in the Spring. It is the highest altitude ski resort in North America, right next to the Continental Divide...and up that high, it's a little cooler, so the snow stays powdery longer. (They have been known to have skiing well into June!)

We had plenty of great skiing, food, (and a few margaritas).

I'm refreshed, recharged and ready to 'get back to the drawing board'.

A few photos of our daughter Julia with me, starting a run on the Summit at Keystone. (That's Breckenridge visible behind us.)

I'm outta here. Off to greener pastures!

Well, it has been a good run...creating cartoons and illustrations for newspapers, magazines, books and various corporate clients.

But as of next week, I am accepting a position with a large entertainment and media company, as their main cartoonist.

Truth be told, it is an "adult publication", and I will be handling the humor and cartoons for their magazine and top rated entertainment website. What could be more fun than drawing naked people?

                    The cartoon above was a first effort -- and was deemed "too subtle" for their audience. 

This really will be a dream come true. Drawing doodles for a largely anonymous, private segment of society is gratifying work.

Wish me luck!


Oops, look at the calendar. Happy April Fools Day. 

However, the idea for this did came from an actual offer: A few weeks ago I was approached by a media firm that runs, (according to them), the #1 adult site on the internet. They offered me the chance to become their humor editor and cartoonist. Lots of money and crazy good times could be had.  I politely declined.