Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An old friend

Recently, a friend from college contacted me out of the blue. When I saw the email, I knew the name immediately, but realized it had been many years since I last saw it.

He's a fellow creative person; a cartoonist and someone who can draw and write equally well...and I first found that out when we were both students at the University of Illinois. We both worked at campus newspapers and had similar views on things, both in cartoons and politics.

We had mutual friends and acquaintances, (my college girlfriend's sister was even dating his brother. --In a different city and area code. Odd coincidence.) Okay, enough digression.

The gentleman's name is Kevin Gleeson, and since he contacted me, we have exchanged lengthy emails and gotten caught up on each other's lives, families, etc. I feel like I know him better now than I did then. Here's a link to his website, "Big Fat Hat"...which contains some very funny stuff, (like the "Camera Comic" above):