Wednesday, December 20, 2017

A smidgen of work from the drawing board

The studio has been active over the past few weeks, with several corporate and advertising humor projects, as well as illustrations for a business book - and a children's book which is still in process. 

The business book had 36 (gasp!) illustrations, which were created over the last two months, and just wrapped up. I cannot post anything from that yet, (Random House Publishing copyrights, etc.), but once it is released, I'll share a few things here. Also notably missing are 20 or so of the children's book illustrations. 

So, for now, I'll share just a few pieces from some other recent client projects...


Two of seven illustrations created for an organization in Massachusetts that specializes in family business mediation and advising. The bottom piece is based upon Norman Rockwell's "Four Freedoms". (I had great fun with the pen & ink and watercolor.)


Two  cartoons created for a Boston magazine article covering shenanigans at the police department.


A cartoon for a long-time client in NYC who is creating a book about online dating.


A personal commission created for a regular client. It is large format, my client had it framed and giving it as a Christmas gift to her good friend. (It is an inside joke about Beatles' drummer, Ringo Starr tickling a pig.) (I don't know how those two subjects come together...but apparently it is very funny to them.)


Fortunately the lack of snow at the ski areas thus far has allowed me to buckle down and get work done. (Well, I have given in to temptations involving my mountain bike, with the extended fall weather.)

Next up on the schedule (mainly for after the Holidays) are three book illustration jobs: a children's book about a heroic goat (above), an instructional guitar book and lastly, a book about habits, written by a University of Southern California Professor, and published by Macmillan. It will involve writing and drawing "New Yorker" style cartoons to illustrate concepts to the reader.

Merry Christmas to all!