Wednesday, July 03, 2013

On the Digital Drawing Board: Cisco Systems

It's been a crazy month with regard to business and family. Several fun and challenging projects were on the board...and with school out, my free time was ever more valuable. 

Here are a few highlights from over the past several weeks:

Another cartoon in a series of pieces commissioned by Cisco Systems in California. 

(I wrote the concept and drew the cartoon.)

A shirt design created for an elementary school in Florida. The shirts will be sold to raise money...The sketch below will become art for a shirt for the kids to wear in the actual race.

A simple cowboy riding a wild boar, (you see that at most rodeos, right?) Apparently Bluewater Thermal Solutions based in South Carolina has a water process they call "the boar"...and hence this piece was created for their advertising.

A cartoon depicting Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke's recent comments about tapering bond buying. (For regular client, Merk Investments in California.)

A very large illustration commissioned by the CEO of Medicard, a medical company in Canada. (A long-time client who has hired me to create illustrations for corporate use, and for whom I've illustrated two books.) This illustration was 18" X 24" and was printed out on canvas and framed for an award presentation. (Click to enlarge).

A political piece drawn for a group of medical professionals in California that is fighting legislation before the State Senate. This piece was part of a half-page ad in the Sacramento Bee,  last week, just prior to a vote in the state capital. I just received a call tonight from them saying that they defeated the legislation. 

Lastly,  a cover illustration for a humorous book on love and romance. I created the artwork over a year ago -- but just received word that the book is now being published. 

The month of July has two large book illustration jobs, as well as several corporate projects. We'll try to fit some vacation in somewhere. Meanwhile, I hope your summer is going swimmingly -- and that you have a happy, safe 4th!