Friday, June 20, 2014

On the Digital Drawing Board: June

Last-minute client deadlines are beckoning, (and my daughter would like to go biking later today), so I'll get right down to it.

Some recent projects...

A few advertising cartoons for long-time client CGNet, (California-based Cloud computing and software company.) 

I loved the chance to draw some Acme well as the R. Runner and W. Coyote.


I also worked recently helped them revamp their site, adding illustrations to several of their pages...working in concert with a website developer in San Francisco. new splashy site


Two cartoons commissioned for a Real Estate firm in London, (interestingly, they call them "Estate Agencies" there, dropping the term "real".) (Hey, prices everywhere are getting unreal these days.)

Apparently, the trend in England is to sell homes and property online...without the use of an agent. (Something the agencies are fighting, naturally.) I'm sure the same is soon to happen here.


Two examples of a series of nine cartoons written and drawn for a Korean auto floor mat company, AFS, (the main supplier for Hyundai and KIa automobiles.) These will be ads in Car & Driver, Motor Trend and Road & Track magazines. (As a car nut, I read all of those magazines, so it will fun to look for them in coming months.)



Lastly, a couple of cartoons commissioned to accompany Axel Merk's financial column, a regular contributor on CNBC.

(In case, you're wondering, that's new Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen, dressed as a USA soccer team member, kicking our currencies into the abyss, just in time for the World Cup).

One last note; I received word that one of my cartoons appeared in Forbes magazine this past month. Once I find the online version I'll link it.

Happy summer solstice to all!