Saturday, August 09, 2014

Recent work: Drawing Board wrap-up

Some highlights from a very busy few weeks...

We'll start things off with some cartoons for for a consortium of physicians in Nashville who are fighting for the right to make decisions in the best interest of their patients -- rather than in the interest of  insurance companies. This is a subject familiar to many...and apparently it is not easily resolved.


Another advertisement for AFS automotive...(The provider of car floor mats for all Hyundai and Kia vehicles). They are now offering their mats as aftermarket products for other vehicles and wish to expand their presence in the U.S. market.

They hired me to create a series of monthly ads for automotive magazines, and we have completed four this past Spring, which are apparently getting a good response.

I was contacted by their corporate office last week, and they would like me to create a few more.


This next piece was a challenge...and also a great deal of fun. It is a cartoon created for a "Transformational Declutter coach" and author. It started a fairly sparse scene, with just an indication of disarray. But as we got further into it, it became clear to her that she wanted to really show how messy some of her clients' homes are...and that meant drawing some unique and specific details...and several iterations. (Believe it or not, she is the second "declutter author" I have worked with...and oddly, it does not seem to be rubbing studio is not that neat.) 

Black and White inked, approved cartoon

Watercolor finished art
Take a peek at her services:


Elizabeth Frisch, author and the director of The Rival School ( came to me after having a bad experience with a cartoonist who was recommended to her by her publisher. (No need to go into details). Suffice it to say that she needed cartoons to illustrate concepts in her book -- which was going to press within two days. That left me with a 12 hour turnaround deadline. No problem. A few of the cartoons:


"Aunt Frieda" is a geriatric cougar...and a funny character. I got to know her this past year while illustrating a book for her creator and author, Katherine Lerner. (Here's the book:

Now Frieda is onto to new frontiers, debuting in a series of greeting cards. Here is one of them...

A few cartoon illustrations created for Downeast Cider House, a hard cider company in Boston. They are telling their company's story in cartoons on their website and in advertising...and I was initially hired to help with that earlier this year. (I posted a few of the "origin" cartoons a few months back.) They are now adding more to the story and contacted me to create more cartoons, (below).

It's always fun to learn how various companies came about, as well as the challenges they faced.

Here's the link to their history in cartoons (thus far):

Two cartoons created for New York City based media firm, Connect 360 

These two examples are being used in marketing and advertising...


I'm working on a few projects that I can't share here yet; including a few book illustration jobs.

One particularly interesting book deals with how to handle "difficult" people in a business environment. The authors are an ex-CEO from a large firm in North Carolina and a psychologist, and their insights are terrific. (Who has not dealt with someone who is just a little "off-kilter", either for the moment or for a few decades?) We'll post some of that after it goes to press.


Lastly, I recently competed for a large project for the John Morrell Corporation in Chicago. (Eckrich sausages, ham, bacon, Armour hot dogs. As Homer Simpson would say, "mmm...bacon".) I was up against 21 other cartoonists throughout the U.S., and in the end was fortunate to land the job. (It was strictly based upon portfolios, not cost...which is nice for a number of reasons.)

The work will involve a corporate mascot used in ads, employee training materials, as well as several work safety posters. Great people and best of all, when we're all finished, they promised me samples!

Aside from a few short trips east, not much time for much vacationing this summer...but that will come soon. Hope your summer has been relaxing and fun.