Friday, August 07, 2015

Lions, tigers, pigs -- and Trumps!

I thought I'd step in for a moment, (taking a break from a busy summer of work and travel and a lack of blog posts), to comment on the first Presidential election debate last night, featuring candidates from the GOP.

In talking with a few friends and clients today, the reactions are mixed. Most who saw it thought it was a bit of a spectacle, yet most were surprised more by the hosts than by the candidates themselves.

A friend who is a writer and columnist weighed in, wondering if she had missed anything by listening to the debate rather than watching it on TV. I think the only thing that anyone might have missed in listening to it was the preening and attention to the camera given by the Fox hosts. In fact, I was disappointed in the way that Fox and their hosts approached this debate, particularly the first half.

Based upon the reaction from people in the media today, and the tone over the past few months, there is clearly a country-wide distrust of Washington insiders and the doublespeak that comes from career politicians from either party.

...Which I think explains the mysterious appeal of someone as bombastic as Donald Trump.

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