Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Helicopters, helicopters, everywhere a helicopter

...Or maybe that's just the way it seemed in my studio during January.

This past month brought many new clients, and among them was Erickson Air Crane, a company based in Portland that manufactures large scale helicopters. The gargantuan machines, characterized by an opening just underneath their doors are used for many tasks -- some that I had never would guessed involved a helicopter.

I was commissioned to create roughly 40 helicopter illustrations and a map showing their company's presence around the world. As you might imagine, it involved a lot less humor-writing than usual...and more straight illustration, but it was a great deal of fun.

A few examples of illustrated events or locations:

Sears Tower, Chicago: They aided in construction and continue to do periodic A/C replacement.       

                                     (Click to enlarge images)
Logging and transmission line construction, Italy
U.S. Capital Building, Washington DC -
 Statue of Freedom placement on dome.
Firefighting in Hollywood, CA
Firefighting in Sydney, AU
Rhino in Malaysia: This past Christmas day,
 (covered on CNN) They saved a rhino trapped in a deep hole.

Vancouver Olympics: remember the lack of snow
 for those winter games? Their helicopters brought snow
 in from outside, allowing the ski events to happen.
A helicopter with its various devices for service

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Dancing Moose: In the Flesh

I received a phone call recently that was a bit of a surprise. In fact it was so surprising that if it had come roughly two months from now, I would have guessed it was an April Fools Day prank.

The caller was a gentleman from Boston who is an executive with a prominent business magazine. He told me that his wife is a ballet dancer by profession and she had read my blog. He further explained that he and his (at-that-time) fiance liked my 'Dancing Moose' illustration very much, and wondered if I'd mind if she had a tattoo created based upon the logo/illustration. He assured me it would be placed in an area where only she and he would see it.) (The mind runs quickly to images of where that might be...but I didn't ask.) 

He asked how much I would charge for the use, and I told him I was simply flattered to know that he and his wife enjoyed my moose enough to have it reproduced in such a unique manner. 

Well, flash-forward a few weeks to after their recent honeymoon: She went ahead with it. I later received a photo of the 6-inch tattoo...and here it is, 'in the flesh'. 

To the caller, (who, at his request, will remain anonymous here): Thanks for taking the time to contact me and let me share in the fun.