Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book Signing Update

Well, as I had hoped, (being a happy introvert most of the time) the Barnes and Noble book signing was rather sedate. Other than a few dozen people strolling in to buy books and chat, it was never overwhelming in terms of a crowd. The store manager had a table for me, with chairs set up for an audience at the opening, (and a presentation.) But there was no need for the chairs, because I chose not to do an illustration presentation.

Over the three hours, I think I signed 30 books...more than I thought would sell, given that the book signing was only publicized in the Boulder newspaper, (and also considering that I was not the book's author, but simply the illustrator hired by the publisher.)

Update: (9/7) Pelican Publishing contacted me today, saying that the Colorado Springs Barnes & Noble would like me to do a book signing in December.  Barnes & Noble colorado-springs-co/signing The Denver Post and Rocky Moungtain News are running articles on the signingm and the book store is guessing it would have a more sizable audience  I initially turned it down, but the publisher convinced me to schedule a day in early December. It should be fun, and besides, Colorado Springs is beautiful in Dec...(I can take the family to the Broadmoor, ride the Pikes Peak Christmas train, etc.)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

This past year I illustrated a book that is currently being published by Pelican Press and will be released this week. (The title is currently being changed by the author) This Saturday, (8/21), I’ll be doing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble store in Boulder.

I feel a little out of place doing the book signing, since it's not really my book. I feel that the author deserves full credit for the themes covered in it. But after some reassuring from the folks at Pelican Publishing and Barnes and Noble - that signings often feature book illustrators - I begrudgingly accepted their invitation.

My guess is that I'll be sitting there for three hours reading a book.

Thus far the book has stirred up some interest from a couple of newspapers. A local columnist called to interview me about the book and its illustrations while I was out of town this week, giving me a 24-hour window to talk with him...and I missed it.

So, enough babbling about promotional events...and back to the drawing board, where I am happiest.