Saturday, June 16, 2012

Obama & Reagan have something in common

Don't know if you saw the news story regarding an Irish reporter asking President Obama a question...and the outrage it drew from other reporters. Outrage over interrupting a President? Do they have no memory of how other reporters have treated previous Presidents?

Neil Munro, the reporter in question is only carrying on with a long-standing tradition of reporters interrupting Presidents... and best of all, this guy Muro is consistent with his answers to fellow reporters. ('Just questions you should be asking'. "I'd give you my name but you'd misspell it.") I also love the fact that he had a good reason for jumping in to ask a question...Obama almost never takes questions after a briefing. 

I was in the White House rose garden with some other editorial cartoonists back in 1987, (got to meet Reagan, Bush I, etc.) Reagan was speaking to us at his podium, when Sam Donaldson popped up over the fence and started heckling Reagan, (which he did often back then), with questions about Iran Contra. Unlike Obama, (at an event where reporters were invited and expected), Reagan was polite enough to stop what he was doing to answer Donaldson, (and in this case reporters were not invited--Donaldson had to put a ladder up against a fence and yell.) Eventually, one of the cartoonists called for the group to go inside, and Reagan concurred...which really upset Donaldson.

It's amazing that the press seems to forget how rude and nasty Donaldson was with Reagan, (and later with HW Bush), and additionally act as if this sort of "heckling" is unprecedented. How dare this guy Munro treat a President that way? 

I found a video of the event: (Donaldson heckles Reagan at the 11:38 mark)

Flash to today, here is a shirt created for the Trump re-election campaign:

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