Saturday, January 31, 2009

It has been an extremely busy period over the last few weeks, with a full slate of client projects on the board, as well as a couple trips just before and after the new year.

Attached is a small sampling of things that were completed recently...

A cartoon from a online dating book I illustrated last month titled "Seeking Arrangement" (Click for link):

A cover for a magazine distributed at a City Government Conference in New York, NY. (The illustration was commissioned by a professor at the University of Colorado, hence the Denver reference. ):

An illustration for advertisements publicizing an insurance bill recently passed in the Florida legislature:

A character created for a
California software company that produces applications for cell phones, like the I-Phone.

They wanted the character's pose to emulate Robert Crumb's iconic 1960's "Keep on Truckin" figure, to get across the idea of moving forward, (for their mobile cell phone apps). They also wanted to make the clothing, shoes, etc. more silicon valley-like, (hiking shoes, v-neck with jeans and a beanie)...which I felt was a good idea -- both to update it and also to fit the audience.

They wanted the character in time for their presentation at the recent Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas....and had beanie hats and shirts featuring the character printed on them to hand out to attendees: