Sunday, February 17, 2013

On the Drawing Board: Corporate Clients

Continued...some of the cartoons and illustrations created for corporate clients recently....

Two cartoons for Chicago based Straight North, Inc. They were written by Brad Shorr,
 a collaborator and client going back several years.
A cartoon for long-time client CGNet, announcing Microsoft 360. B&W here, color added below.

A follow-up illustration to accompany an article for family-friendly Cozi.

One of several gift card holder/greeting cards intended to be marketed in Home Depot.

A cartoon commissioned by They called me this week and asked me to create
 two cartoons that take aim at the NRA. In this one, I went after NRA chief Wayne LaPierre.

A cartoon for regular client Merk Investments...regarding the Fiscal Cliff

Another of the weekly cartoons created for Merk Investments; this one depicting the battle of the currencies.

A piece for "Leadership Review", which involved drawing the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

A package illustration for a waterproof iPhone protector, (created and designed by an old college roommate!)
On the digital drawing board in the next few weeks are two book illustration projects and several corporate client jobs, including an animated video for Intel Corporation. (The third in a series for them.) Some long days and nights ahead.


  1. Chris Maysent2/20/13, 10:04 AM

    What did you use to add color to the Office 360 cartoon (with the lynx)?

  2. Hey Chris,

    I use Photoshop CS6, long with a Wacom Cintiq. The digital drawing pen allows one to emulate paint brushes of any kind, from watercolor, to oil to airbrush. This one was fairly straight forward, since it was a 5X7 marketing piece. (Larger things, like magazine or poster illustrations provide more space to play around with effects.) --Thanks for the question.


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