Wednesday, May 08, 2024

On the Cartoonist's Drawing Board

Happy Spring! (But watch out for opportunistic scallawags in the shadows.)

(Clicken to embiggen) 

Lots of things on the drawing board right now, including illustrations for a couple of children's books, a humor book, and several corporate humor writing and illustrating jobs. Just stopping by to share a few things, starting with the above piece for Silicon Valley IT security firm, CGNet.


After a month of interviews and competing with some other cartoonists, and lastly, a multiple-party Zoom meeting, it looks like I'll be creating an ongoing cartoon series for a Fortune 100 company.  (Unnamed at this point, due to a NDA.) It will involve writing and drawing a regular comic strip, and creating stand alone illustrations for twice-monthly newsletters and emails to their corporate customers. 

It sounds like fun, especially since I will have some freedom to write in terms of subject matter and humor. (Of course, as always with a client like that, the language and concepts will need to steer clear of controversial subjects and be business-friendly.) I'm looking forward to doing my best to make their clients laugh. I'll start humor writing next month.


Due to my usual corporate and book illustration work, I don't create as many political cartoons these days as I once did. So, I was humbled, and honored to receive First Place in the Society of Professional Journalists' TOR awards for Political Cartoons in 2024 (also last year, 2023). This covers 80 media outlets in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico.

(A surprise, since I didn't enter - an editor submitted on my behalf, both years). 

An excerpt of an article From the Denver Post:

2024 Society of Professional Journalists TOR Awards Winners


The Society of Professional Journalists has announced the winners of the annual TOR Excellence in Journalism competition.

This year, more than 80 news media outlets from Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and New Mexico entered the contest, which was judged by the Los Angeles Press Club. In all, the contest saw more than 1,900 entries.

“The competition grows each year, and with that, we honor outstanding journalism throughout the four-state region,” said contest coordinator Deb Hurley Brobst. “It’s an honor to recognize the hard work of these journalists."