Tuesday, May 24, 2011

On the drawing board

A new economic cartoon written and drawn for Merk Investments in California...(Above - click to see with accompanying column Merk funds )

Lots of straight illustration going on right now... a children's book, as well as some storyboard illustrations for a short film, some political t-shirt illustrations for a company in NY and a fun humor piece for a game company.

Below are some pieces created for an insurance company in Florida, depicting various coverage options for boats, trucks, motorcycles, etc. (all being driven by a corporate mascot I created for them last year.)

(Click to enlarge)


  1. Zack Collier5/25/11, 5:22 PM

    Love the red ink cartoon! That's the perfect analogy for what's going on.

  2. Thanks, Zack. I considered pushing it even further by drawing the entire thing in actual red ink.

    Maybe I should have. I just read yesterday that the national debt will exceed the size of the economy this year. The Treasury had predicted just last year that this would not happen until 2014. Yikes.

  3. Fun and wacky drawings. Love the offbeat sense of humor.


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