Monday, May 06, 2013

New Animated Video for Intel Corporation

Here's the finished version of a new animated video for Intel Corporation, fresh from production. The voices and animation are complete and the video is approved by management at Intel.

This is the third one in a series, featuring a set of characters I created along with a NYC-based production company.  The two main characters returned; (Bob), the owner of a small technology retail company, and his mentor/advisor from Intel, (Michael), whose look and voice was modeled after veteran film actor Michael Caine....hence the English "Hullo, Bob" dialect you can hear from the voice actor they hired for all three videos.

This one was fun, though a great deal of drawing. As with the previous Intel videos, I did not do the animation; I was only involved with design & drawing of the characters, backgrounds and technology depicted. I worked with the animator in creating many of the movements, (but it's beyond my "training level" to piece it all those movements together!)

We just received word that there may be a fourth one coming soon.

(Click to play)

Intel Corporation "New World Retailing Video

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