Saturday, March 09, 2013

On the Digital Drawing Board: March

Things are crazy busy right now in the studio, as I'm in the midst of sizable projects for Intel Corp., Cisco Systems and roughly a dozen other corporate clients. (No complaints; I'm very blessed and this is fun.)

A sample of a few things in process: (Click to enlarge)

Some animation frames for repeat client, Intel Corporation. (I design and illustrate the characters and scenes, and then work with an animator in NY to make everything "move".) This is the third in a series created for them over the last three years. A few of the 40+ illustrations thus far:

The execs at Intel decided that the building we modeled, (an actual convention center) did look large enough
 in I pulled back, added second story and more glass.

After seeing that, we felt that something was still not right. We agreed that the problem was the drive-up
 valet area which made the building look like a hotel. Thus, I redrew the front,
removing that area and further enlarging the outer wall. Success! They loved it.

A line of people forms, and our main characters enter the technology show.

Sketches for an overhead walking sequence.

Some of the weekly political and financial cartoons created for Merk Investments:

One of several cartoons in process for Cisco Systems Inc., (this one in the sketch stage):

A few cartoons for an online dating humor book for an author in NY:

Back to the drawing board...

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