Sunday, August 15, 2010

Book Signing

This past year I illustrated a book called Microman USA, a collection of over 100 political cartoons. It is being published by Pelican Press and will be released this week. This Saturday, (8/21), I’ll be doing a book signing at the Barnes & Noble store in Boulder.

I feel a little out of place doing the book signing, since it's not really my book. Robert Stern is the book's author, and he deserves full credit for the themes covered in it. But after some reassuring from Barnes & Noble and Pelican Press -- that signings often feature book illustrators -- I begrudgingly decided to go ahead with it.

My guess is that very few people will have any idea of who I am anyway, (unless they've seen my cartoons in the local newspapers.) I'll probably be sitting there for three hours reading a book.

The politics of the book are clearly Conservative and thus it has stirred up some interest from a couple of newspapers. A local columnist called to interview me about the book and its politics while I was out of town this week, giving me a 24-hour window to talk with him...and I missed it.

I have illustrated books for both sides of the partisan aisle, (including one for Al Gore’s longtime speechwriter, Dan Pink, as well as a book attacking corrupt Republican senators in Florida), and I learned long ago, there is no way to please everybody with political humor. All I can say is, given the passionate and hugely Liberal population of Boulder, that B&N store will be lucky to sell more than a few copies of the Microman book. (And I might have to wear a bullet-proof vest to the store that day.)

Here's one of the articles:

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