Monday, July 19, 2010

We have a winner!

Thanks to the creative folks who submitted ideas for the first installment of the Cartoon Caption Contest. (For this first one we had four entries; three people emailed ideas and one submitted here.) All were surprisingly good, (and perhaps they should all consider trying their hand at this professionally.)

Drum roll... the winner is Kevin Gleeson, of Lyons, Illinois.

For his very funny caption, Kevin will receive a print of the finished cartoon, (as shown above).

The next contest will start soon...


  1. Zack Collier7/24/10, 1:32 AM

    Nice job, Kevin!

  2. Thanks, Zack. Yours was good, too! I'd hate to be the judge in these things.

    Mark, this prize is going into a frame for hanging near my workstation.

  3. Sorry for the two week delay in posting your comment, Kevin. For some reason, Blogger didn't send me a message about it being posted here, awaiting moderation. (I don't come here that often, but I'm glad I did today.)

    Anyway, congrats once again. And thanks to everyone for the great entries. It WAS tough to choose!

    I'll be posting another cartoon, sans caption, soon.


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