Monday, September 16, 2019

Summer in the rear view mirror

It has been many moons since I spend any time on the blog. As I mentioned in my last post (nine months ago), I have been spending more time with my work and family it's working out pretty well.

A few trips in recent months, including a trip to see my Mom for her birthday, two visits to Nashville Tennessee, as well as an excursion to Alaska.

Well, I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that I have gotten into a nice groove of not posting on my blog, so to break that streak I'll just share some glimpses of those trips.


In May, (not quite summer but close enough for us) we took a work/play trip to Anchorage Alaska...

While took a 25-mile bike ride along the ocean, on the "Alaskan Coastal Trail," It was spectacular, with some views that surprised even us, having been spoiled by great views at home in the Rocky Mountains. 

We spotted a female moose enjoying her lunch, just off the bike trail on the way back.

There is a small but beautiful ski resort about 20 miles north of Anchorage, known as Alyeska. The  mountain does not have the vertical elevation that most large areas in Colorado have, but the terrain is varied with some nice steeps and cornices. The lodge and base area are new and rather upscale.


A July visit to Chicago/Rockford see my Mom for her birthday...below are some shots from an evening boat trip...and a beautiful Illinois sunset.


Two trips to Nashville in June and early August, (bracketing the trip to Illinois) 

A couple of years ago, I took my daughter Julia to Chicago for a cartoon art & animation camp with former Disney animator Brian Ferguson. It was a great deal of fun, and allowed Julia and I to also spend time in downtown Chicago enjoying the lakefront, Michigan Ave., museums and of course, the Art Institute.

So, we decided to try another similar jaunt in June. We went to Nashville for a cartoon art camp with several folks who have worked with Disney, Pixar and Big Idea. And this time, the whole family came along, (Well, that means my wife Beth joined us, but the poor dog had to stay home with our dog-sitter.)

 It was a terrific time, from start to end,  fun and lots of drawing. Nashville is home to several other things as well, including a full scale replica of the Parthenon, tantalizing BBQ, and some incredible music downtown.



Finally, we flew Julia home from college for a summer-capping Labor day weekend adventure. Biking, hiking and horses - through the Arapahoe National forest and the Vail Pass, with a dash of luxuriating.

Julia scaling a fallen tree in a task appropriate Wonder Woman shirt.

Well, that's it, folks. Hope you had a wonderful summer, with some adventures, too. Back to the studio for me.

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