Monday, May 28, 2012

Intel Corporation Animated Video - a sequel.

Just a little update... A few months back, I created a characters and artwork for an animated video and commercial for Intel Corporation. Its purpose was to introduce a new range of touch screen retail technology to their clients, such as clothing and shoe stores, restaurants and movie theaters, hospitals and bus/train transit stations. --A shorter version was made into a commercial.

Recently I was asked to work on a sequel to introduce more technology. This one entailed the depiction of a sporting goods store and its owner, (which Intel requested I model upon Dick's Sporting Goods & Galyans) also required creating a new main character to go along with Bob and Michael Caine. (The English guy talking with Bob in the back seat.)

We just wrapped up this past week, after 4-5 weeks of work between myself, a storyboardwriter and animator team with an ad agency in New York. My initial illustrations were shown to a group of Intel executives in a series of meetings, with a number of additions and revisions made. Here is a small sampling of scenes and illustrations, (and a rough cut of the animation to follow):

This is a retail touch screen station that will be used in sporting goods stores.
 The thing is, it does not exist yet. Therefore, I was asked to play
 industrial designer to some extent, designing an aluminum checkout station that will
 house the various Intel-powered touch screen technologies being introduced.

Characters placed into the scene and animated to
 demonstrate the touch screen technology.

Here's a 'rough cut' of the new video. (In my opinion, the little girl kicking a soccer girl and golfer will be adjusted by the animator to include more "in between" illustration frames.)

I just received word from Intel and the ad agency involved that a third animated video will be produced sometime this summer...


  1. Very well done! I can see how this communicates the idea of the technology very quickly; faster than a a series of illustrations, or even one of those hand-drawn whiteboard animations.

    I noticed that the video looks a little fuzzy in some scenes, however. Is that because it is a 'rough' version?

  2. Hey, Deb. Glad you liked it. Yes, the video is a little rough due to being an early version, though I noticed part of the problem was Google's video system. I think it is better now...if it does not stay that way, I'll try uploading it to my YouTube account.

  3. Update: I was just asked by Intel to add two scenes to reflect new security camera and Tablet/Ipad point of sale technology. Thus, a more refined rough draft is now embedded.


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