Friday, April 29, 2011

A chance to do a Charlie Sheen caricature

Well, not that I've been itching to draw him. But a challenge like that is always fun.

A long-term client called last week asking me to create a cartoon humor page, (Hubspot, Inc., for their news and blog. World Without Twitter Cartoons)

I was asked to write and draw several 'Mad magazine-style' cartoons on the topic of 'where we would be without Twitter'.

Here's the end result: (Click to enlarge)

Naturally, getting to have fun drawing Charlie Sheen was the best part. Everyone thought that the first caricature (below) looked like him, but it seemed to me that he didn't look crazy enough, particularly in the context of his recent bizarre statements, media quotes and tweets.

I battled with how to make him seem bizarre and a bit nuts, (you know, like he sounds when he talks).  But the trouble was, there was no room for the dialogue I wrote for him.

 Then I tried drawing his eyes crossed. ...Problem solved!

(Maybe the small insect in his hair helps, too.)

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  1. Hey, *someone's* gotta fill Mort Drucker's shoes some time!


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