Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fire news: Much better finally

Friends and clients have been asking about the nearby fire and whether it has affected our family. A couple of folks said they checked here, so I thought I'd add a blurb to say that things are fine.

The fire started Labor Day morning, apparently after someone who lives in a mountain home let a barbecue fire pit get out of control. We noticed the cloud of smoke and saw it grow as the day went on, with shifting winds. The lack of rain, (less than a tenth of an inch in the past month), made it worse. The area in question is about 15 miles away from town.

In the morning on Tuesday and Wednesday, the smoke was fairly noticeable outdoors. (We were running the central A/C, and thus filtered the air, so we couldn't smell the smoke when indoors.) No morning walks with the pooch, though after the breeze got going, the smoke cleared out after noon. Julia was in school nearby with everything as usual; just no outdoor recess on Tues & Wed.

I feel very sorry for the people who are displaced and/or lost their homes. 169 homes were destroyed. I can't imagine what those people are going through. Miraculously, there has been no loss of life or even serious injury.

With the help of some much-needed rain on Wednesday night, the fire fighters made good progress over the last two days. It looks as if the fire is mostly contained.

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