Friday, October 17, 2008

I was hired by a game manufacturer this week to do some cartoon art for a children's game. (Above is the cartoon name/label...also some images for the game itself, below.) Fun stuff...hopefully the game will be fun for kids.


  1. Love it!

    Let me know if you make any war games.

  2. Hey Kevin,

    None yet, so far. Are you into war games?

    I used to really enjoy 'Risk' as a teenager...though now it seems like people are more apt to play video-based war games. (I've tried one for my Mac that centers around WW2. More special effects and less strategy than I'd like.)

  3. Yes, I was referring to pieces on the board games of battle. I don't really do computer based games so much, though much is to be said for them automatically doing the setup for you right away. Too many of them rely on lightning quick reaction, which this middling gamer can't handle.

    Risk is quite good, but you haven't lived the genre until you've tried Axis & Allies. Nice miniatures as game pieces (i.e., plastic toys) are the crowning touch. The game setup is weighted toward favoring the Allies, but they have theatre spinoff games as well I haven't tried (D-Day, and I think Guadalcanal and Anzio - something like that, but I'm too lazy to Google 'em now :)

    If you're into Risk, Stratego ain't bad as goes the classical wing of war gaming.

  4. Aha... I have heard of Axis & Allies. Your mention of it makes me think I should check it out, as it sounds like the sort of thing I'd enjoy. (I also enjoyed Stratego back in the days of Risk.)

    You're right about a focus being on reflexes in video games...and I also like actual board games better because they're more social. ...So says the hermit cartoonist, who works most days alone in a studio. :)


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