Wednesday, June 20, 2007

An advertising illustration done for a large east coast-based insurance & investment company. This was one of a series of illustrations done for newpaper advertisements tailored toward their clientele who may be planning to sell a business or company.

On a related note, I recall my father going through the process of selling his business just a few years ago. What seems like a carefree time of one's life can be very emotional...afterall, it's your creation; the product of your efforts and struggles over many years that is being sold. And (in many cases), it's being sold to a stranger. It's hard to just walk away.

That's one reason I think it's a good thing that most cartoonists and illustrators don't really retire or sell their business...they just keep on working well into their golden years. (That will be me...drawing until I'm 95 or until my incessant drooling ruins too much of my clients' artwork. (Well, actually, until my drooling shorts out my Wacom tablet...since it's mostly digital now anyway.)

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