Thursday, May 24, 2007

Have a hankering for a hunk of Brie cheese?

The above title hearkens back to the old SchoolHouse Rock animated shorts on Saturday morning tv. ("Conjunction Junction", etc.) But as it nears lunch time here, I'm wishing I had a way to get a quick gourmet meal, with no big time investment and not much expense.

Here's a cartoon, (done for client & friend, Brad Shorr), that shows just such a place. I can almost see somebody franchising a place like that. (It would go well until the first customer sued because they gagged on a diamond pin in their lobster-artichoke panini.)


  1. I know how you feel, Mark. Maybe we should start a new business...?

  2. Sounds terrific, Brad.

    Do you know any bulk gourmet food wholesalers? (Buying squabs by the pallet has to be cheaper.)


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