Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Night and Day

...That's the title of a great 80's music album by Joe Jackson.

It's also an apt description of my schedule since August...non-stop busy with client projects. With the current state of the economy, you'll hear no complaints here -- I feel extremely fortunate.

But after spending time with my family it leaves little to time to blog or draw the 'Boneheaded Dog'. The blitz continues on, leaving me booked up for at least the next month or so, and now turning projects down.

With that, I'll keep this brief and attach a few pieces that were on the board recently...

A few political pieces lately, for clients on both the right and left. (I'm a switch-hitter.)
(This subject had an immediate effect on the stock market this week)

Political cartoon for MoveOn.Org... (Their campaign director called and requested this piece to be drawn for them, after the Eric Cantor-led protest of Hurricane relief funds. The concept was provided, I simply came up with the imagery.)

A 70's style comic book for a long-term client, (a pioneer in cloud computing), for their technology conference...A fun diversion that allowed me to draw in a style that takes me back to comic book-reading days as a kid. Cover, and several illustrated pages inside, with a collection of cartoons, too.

Illustrations for another long-term client, Career Directors International, for their upcoming annual conference.

A cartoon for SAPtips, for their caption contest

 Monthly cartoon for the Michigan Association of School Principals.

Also on the board: a shirt logo for a golf sportswear company, a dozen financial cartoons for an investment firm and a couple of cartoons for a greeting card company. I'm also currently illustrating three books; one for business, two children's books.

Lastly, I have been working on an animated video & commercial for Intel Corporation.  --Lots of work for that project, creating multiple characters and 50+ scenes. (I can't share anything from that here until it is released.)

Well, back to the digital drawing board. It will be another late night...


  1. Charlotte King10/15/11, 12:49 PM

    How did Intel find you? (I'm a graphic designer, and I'm always interested to hear how companies go about finding and hiring creative people.)

  2. Hey Charlotte, good to hear from you.

    I was contacted by an advertising agency in NYC, (whom I had never worked with previously; they evidently found me online.) They said they had a large client in the computer industry who would like to make an animated video/commercial, and that they would like to hire me to create some drawings for a presentation for some executives.

    They provided a script and asked me to create characters and artwork for a few scenes. (Little did I know that I was not the only cartoonist hired and it was a competition of sorts.)

    Apparently I didn't muck it up too badly, as the agency told me that I was chosen by the client to finish creating the artwork for the video -- and that the client was Intel Corporation.

  3. The comic cover appeals to me the most. Takes me back to my kid on a bike days, heading for the White Hen wire rack with my lawn mowing earnings.


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