Sunday, October 02, 2022

Relaxation and reflection

My family and I wrapped up busy few months of work - with a few trips. The first was a visit to see my Mom and my brother and his family in Chicago. The Windy City was spectacular as always., and we enjoyed some time together.

A month later, a jaunt to the Rocky Mountains Summit area. We brought the puppy and spent a few days mountain biking, riding horses and also getting to the top of a few peaks. (The pup was very interested in the view)


The next trip was a 1,200 mile drive to Nashville. My daughter has been in an illustration and animation program at Lipscomb University over the past three years. She is studying with several Disney artists and animators… and is starting her senior year. This time she wanted to have her car on campus and I guess I can understand that. (I had a car on campus my last two years in college - a small British two-.seater that I worked two summers to buy used for the grand sum of $3,000.) The freedom that comes with a spur of the moment drive after a long day of classes - Or a weekend cruise to a nearby town or park - is hard to beat. 

So, during the month before the trip I did some maintenance on her car just to make sure it was up to not only making the long trip but being away for eight months, and then returning. I like to work on cars and I needed to take a break. The two-day trip was lots of fun, with Julia and I driving through Kansas and Missouri,  seeing St. Louis and a good part of the heartland. We stayed overnight in Overland Park Kansas which was just about halfway. 

When we made it to Nashville, it was a matter of moving boxes, a refrigerator, and shelving into my daughters new residence with her roommate from last year. Lots of fun and exercise. We spent the last night in downtown Nashville, enjoying some live music, I’m back now and catching up, but I have to admit, I really miss my daughter. 

I arrived home just in time for my wifa and I to celebrate our anniversary, which was a perfect quit and reflective finale to a flurry of activities. It often seems like life is like event after another in rapid-fire fashion. It would be nice to enjoy a moment for more than just a moment. (Technically it's possible. Technically it's also possible for my daughter to date the lead singer of her favorite band.)