Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Showers

With soft but steady rain drops pitter-pattering on my studio windows, I'm reminded of Annie Lennox crooning the opening of her 80's song for the Eurythmics, "Here Comes the Rain Again".

It's also a fitting metaphor for the activity within the studio right now... a new animated commercial for Intel Corporation, as well as  three books to illustrate, and over a dozen other corporate client projects.

I feel very fortunate to be this busy, and after taking a multi-day ski trip a little over a week ago, (first break since Christmas), I'm refreshed and ready to have some fun with it all.

--Meanwhile, here's a sampling of what has been on the Wacom digital tablet over the past two weeks:

A political cartoon created for a column in the San Francisco Examiner, link
Another, for a column in the S.F. Examiner last week, (link).

A patchwork of currencies -- a cartoon for Merk Funds (link)

                                                           (Click images to enlarge)

 A cartoon on Ben Bernanke's dalliances with the Gold Standard, (link)
   One of several advertising cartoons for  Zoom Info
One of 42 cartoons (yes 42!) created for a book to help doctors effectively maintain and market
their websites. The book is by medical industry executive Ann Kaplan -- and just went to the publishers.
 (I previously illustrated a humor book for her covering the pitfalls of cosmetic surgery...link).

A cartoon for Energi USA, a California HR and insurance firm. 

A scene from an animated corporate presentation for Towers Watson in New York.
As usual with animation, I designed the scenes and characters and drew the artwork, but left the
 technical aspects of animating it to others. (Honestly, lining up repeating frames in order
seems tedious -- and I chose this profession to have fun.)

Here's wishing a Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!