Friday, September 17, 2010


 (I intended to post this a few days ago, since it originally started running on Tuesday,  but it has been a blitz with clients this week.)

I was the subject of a short interview with Psych Central, a top online psychiatric resource website. I've done a fair number of client projects that involved psychiatric-related cartoons, (including illustrating a recent book for two psychologists)...and a couple of those cartoons are featured.

It was flattering to be asked to do -- and fun to answer some rather creative questions. It's running in two parts, on successive Tuesdays.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

New Creative Outlet

Not that I need more to do, (as things are as busy as ever with clients and publishing deadlines), but I'm starting a new cartoon feature. For a while I've had the itch to play with something new and different.
I'm calling it "A Boneheaded Dog's Blog". It's intended to be the observations of an exuberant and small minded family dog. On most days the posts will be from the dog's perspective; on some others, it will be from the owner's perspective.

Please take a peek..let me know what you think. It's an experiment right now and comments/suggestions are welcome.

A Boneheaded Dog's Blog

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Round-up of recent client projects

]]Well, it's been a while, but here's a little taste of what's been on the drawing board lately...

From a book on sleep apnea that I was hired to illustrate this summer...(Click to enlarge images)

A cartoon created for the two founders of Hubspot Inc.

A packaging illustration for a new iPhone protector..

An advertising piece created for a technology company in California...

Artwork for a dog treats company, to go on the product packaging. (Sold in mostly in Costco) This is merely the B&W preliminary art, each variety will have a different tasty item on the platter, (turkey, beef, salmon, chicken, etc.)

One of 30 cartoons created for a book on healthcare management.

A cartoon created for a financial company in Maryland:

A cartoon created for a magazine:

A cartoon for a large construction company in Seattle, (the client requested something that looked like an updated Lichtenstein cartoon.)

A marketing piece for a law firm in Minneapolis:

One of several cartoons created for a book on International Business negotiation:

An ad piece created for a dental products company in New York:

A comic strip that is currently running in some papers in Ontario & Toronto:

Some projects currently on the board over the next two weeks:
A poster and book cover for a long-term client.
A series of cartoon animal illustrations for a greeting card company.
12 illustrations for a Powerpoint presentation, commissioned by a company in New York.
A marketing cartoon for biotech corporation.
A ad cartoon for medical device manufacturer.
A humorous pen & ink illustration for an independent film maker.
A regular monthly cartoon for a Michigan school principals association newsletter.