Friday, November 14, 2008

Something that kept me very busy this past July was illustrating a book called "Body Language". (I can post this here now because the book was recently released.)

The author, James Borg is a very intelligent fellow who resides in England. My work required talking with him about the concepts and look of the illustrations...and since the book's editor was also in London, there were lots of late night and early morning phone calls/emails crossing the sea because of the time difference.

It is probably the largest number if illustrations I have ever done for a book...all totaled there were 60 -- some of them quite detailed, so it was a healthy bit of work. Fortunately, I was able to set aside a solid two week block of time to work on it, completing it just in time for the publishing deadline.

From what I could see in reading the text they sent, the book itself seemed fascinating. A copy of the book just arrived from the publisher, so I am looking forward to reading it in its entirety. (Maybe I'll be able to go out in public and know exactly what someone is thinking just from the way they are holding their posture. Like, "Mmmm, this Starbuck latte is good and frothy.")