Friday, June 09, 2017

Article for Straight North

I was recently invited to write an article on using humor for lead generation - for Straight North's "Lead Generation Insights" blog. I was flattered, but to be honest, felt a little out of my depth on the subject matter, since it's not something I cover every day. So, I just tried to have some fun with the topic...

On the cartoonist's drawing board...

It has a been a long while since I've taken the time to do this, 
but I thought I'd share a few recent client projects...

An illustration commissioned by the CEO of a California based artificial intelligence firm, to go along with an interview he gave to a tech magazine.

A cartoon featuring the famed Trevi fountain in Rome, Italy, created for Integral Publishers.

I created a new french bulldog mascot for a long-time client, a Washington DC pet care company...And recently also created the artwork for their new vans...(using vinyl wraps).

A cartoon created for a brand strategy company in Las Vegas.

A cartoon for long-time customer, cloud computing pioneer CGNet.

 One of a few monthly cartoons created for a magazine that covers the Boston Police Department.

A cartoon created for Greg Fisher the principal of Gerstein Fisher Financial, NY, NY, for his presentation and speech delivered last week to a group of banking executives in Manhattan.

A birth announcement for a New York couple and their cute dog and cat...and as of last month, an even cuter addition to the family. Congratulations to them!

A cartoon of Uncle Sam in a flying lawn chair, (like the one flown by the guy in California years ago) It was created for long-time client, Jon Henschen to illustrate a financial column he wrote this week.

Lastly, a photo of several workplace safety poster I created for the Armour/Eckrich/Boars Head facility in Chicago.