Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Helicopters, helicopters, everywhere a helicopter

...Or maybe that's just the way it seemed in my studio during January.

This past month brought many new clients, and among them was Erickson Air Crane, a company based in Portland that manufactures large scale helicopters. The gargantuan machines, characterized by an opening just underneath their doors are used for many tasks -- some that I had never would guessed involved a helicopter.

I was commissioned to create roughly 40 helicopter illustrations and a map showing their company's presence around the world. As you might imagine, it involved a lot less humor-writing than usual...and more straight illustration, but it was a great deal of fun.

A few examples of illustrated events or locations:

Sears Tower, Chicago: They aided in construction and continue to do periodic A/C replacement.       

                                     (Click to enlarge images)
Logging and transmission line construction, Italy
U.S. Capital Building, Washington DC -
 Statue of Freedom placement on dome.
Firefighting in Hollywood, CA
Firefighting in Sydney, AU
Rhino in Malaysia: This past Christmas day,
 (covered on CNN) They saved a rhino trapped in a deep hole.

Vancouver Olympics: remember the lack of snow
 for those winter games? Their helicopters brought snow
 in from outside, allowing the ski events to happen.
A helicopter with its various devices for service

Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Dancing Moose: In the Flesh

I received a phone call recently that was a bit of a surprise. In fact it was so surprising that if it had come roughly two months from now, I would have guessed it was an April Fools Day prank.

The caller was a gentleman from Boston who is the editor of a prominent business magazine. He told me that his wife is a ballet dancer by profession and she had read my blog. He further explained that he and his (at-that-time) fiance liked my 'Dancing Moose' illustration very much, and wondered if I'd mind if she had a tattoo created based upon the logo/illustration. He assured me it would be placed in an area where only she and he would see it. (The mind runs quickly to images of where that might be...but I didn't ask.) 

He asked how much I would charge for the use, and I told him no charge - I was flattered that he and his wife enjoyed my moose enough to have it reproduced in such a unique manner. 
I sent him a larger, high resolution file for the tattoo artist to use for reference. (Below).


Well, flash-forward a few weeks to after their recent honeymoon: She went ahead with it. I later received a photo of the 6-inch tattoo...and here it is, 'in the flesh'. It looks like the tattoo artist did a pretty good job recreating it, and also moved the left "arm". It is a slightly different ballet pirouette, and  I get classic pose was tough to draw behind the antlers while making also it clear it was not part of the antlers.

To the caller and his wife, (who, at his request, will remain anonymous here): Thanks for taking the time to contact me and let me share in the fun.