Friday, April 12, 2013

On the Digital Drawing Board: April

Just tickling the keyboard for a quick break. It remains busy, with ongoing corporate projects for companies such as Intel Corp. and Cisco Systems, as well as three book illustration jobs. Also negotiating on a few new things, including a potentially fun illustration job for the Seattle Aquarium, (for a new Harbor Seal exhibit.)

Here are a few pieces from the last week or two...

More scenes from an animated video for Intel Corp. --This scene is a walking sequence,
showing the
 main characters attending a technology trade show, as viewed from above.

One of the new Intel-driven touch screen apparel store units, featured in the animation. 


A couple of the political & financial cartoons created each week for Merk Investments

Three just-drawn cartoons for a book on Online dating, (by author P. Millrose)...

Very large illustrations, (several feet across, for a building), 
featuring a character I created for Florida auto insurance company.


Two more cartoons, (in varying states of finish), for Cisco Systems Inc.

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