Saturday, August 21, 2010

Book Signing Update


Well, as I had hoped, the book signing was rather sedate. In fact, other than a few dozen people strolling in to chat, and some of those to buy the book, it was pretty quiet. The store manager had a table for me, with chairs set up for an audience at the opening, (and a presentation.) But there was no need for the chairs.

Over the three hours, I think I signed fifteen books...not a lot, but more than I thought would sell, given that it was a book of politically Conservative theme cartoons, in the notoriously liberal town of Boulder, (and also considering that I was not the book's author, but simply the illustrator hired by the publisher.)

Update: (9/7) Pelican Publishing contacted me today, saying that the Colorado Springs Barnes & Noble would like me to do a book signing in December.  Barnes & Noble colorado-springs-co/signing The community is a great deal more Conservative than Boulder, and the book store is guessing it would have a sizable appetite for the book's themes. I initially turned it down, but the publisher convinced me to schedule a day in early December. It should be fun, and besides, Colorado Springs is beautiful in Dec...(I can take the family to the Broadmoor, ride the Pikes Peak Christmas train, etc.)


  1. Zack Collier8/26/10, 4:52 PM

    Pretty cool! Where can I find the book?

  2. Thanks, Zack.

    Pelican Publishing (, or Amazon and Barnes & Noble has it.

    Again, it's not my baby, (nor is the written content within it), but the illustrations were fun to draw.


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