Sunday, August 15, 2010

Barnes and Noble Book Signing

This past year I illustrated a book that is currently being published by Pelican Press and will be released this week. (The title is currently being changed by the author) This Saturday, (8/21), I’ll be doing a book signing at the Barnes and Noble store in Boulder.

I feel a little out of place doing the book signing, since it's not really my book. I feel that the author deserves full credit for the themes covered in it. But after some reassuring from the folks at Pelican Publishing and Barnes and Noble - that signings often feature book illustrators - I begrudgingly accepted their invitation.

My guess is that I'll be sitting there for three hours reading a book.

Thus far the book has stirred up some interest from a couple of newspapers. A local columnist called to interview me about the book and its illustrations while I was out of town this week, giving me a 24-hour window to talk with him...and I missed it.

So, enough babbling about promotional events...and back to the drawing board, where I am happiest.

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