Wednesday, April 01, 2015

I'm outta here. Off to greener pastures!

Well, it has been a good run...creating cartoons and illustrations for newspapers, magazines, books and various corporate clients.

But as of next week, I am accepting a position with a large entertainment and media company, as their main cartoonist.

Truth be told, it is an "adult publication", and I will be handling the humor and cartoons for their magazine and top rated entertainment website. What could be more fun than drawing naked people?

                    The cartoon above was a first effort -- and was deemed "too subtle" for their audience. 

This really will be a dream come true. Drawing doodles for a largely anonymous, private segment of society is gratifying work.

Wish me luck!


Oops, look at the calendar. Happy April Fools Day. 

However, the idea for this did came from an actual offer: A few weeks ago I was approached by a media firm that runs, (according to them), the #1 adult site on the internet. They offered me the chance to become their humor editor and cartoonist. Lots of money and crazy good times could be had.  I politely declined.

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