Tuesday, April 03, 2012

April Showers

With soft but steady rain drops pitter-pattering on my studio windows, I'm reminded of Annie Lennox crooning the opening of her 80's song for the Eurythmics, "Here Comes the Rain Again".

It's also a fitting metaphor for the activity within the studio right now... a new animated commercial for Intel Corporation, as well as  three books to illustrate, and over a dozen other corporate client projects.

I feel very fortunate to be this busy, and after taking a multi-day ski trip a little over a week ago, (first break since Christmas), I'm refreshed and ready to have some fun with it all.

--Meanwhile, here's a sampling of what has been on the Wacom digital tablet over the past two weeks:

A political cartoon created for a column in the San Francisco Examiner, link
Another, for a column in the S.F. Examiner last week, (link).

A patchwork of currencies -- a cartoon for Merk Funds (link)

                                                           (Click images to enlarge)

 A cartoon on Ben Bernanke's dalliances with the Gold Standard, (link)
   One of several advertising cartoons for  Zoom Info
One of 42 cartoons (yes 42!) created for a book to help doctors effectively maintain and market
their websites. The book is by medical industry executive Ann Kaplan -- and just went to the publishers.
 (I previously illustrated a humor book for her covering the pitfalls of cosmetic surgery...link).

A cartoon for Energi USA, a California HR and insurance firm. 

A scene from an animated corporate presentation for Towers Watson in New York.
As usual with animation, I designed the scenes and characters and drew the artwork, but left the
 technical aspects of animating it to others. (Honestly, lining up repeating frames in order
seems tedious -- and I chose this profession to have fun.)

Here's wishing a Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!


  1. Zack Collier4/21/12, 1:15 PM

    I have seen Zoom Info before, in advertising and online. Was that a project you picked up from your website? How did they find you?

  2. Hey, Zack. It was a referral from another client. One of the execs at Zoom Info saw some of my work and called that client, who in turn gave them my name and contact info. Thanks for the question!


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