Friday, December 07, 2012

Hotter than July

Well, almost. Christmas is three weeks away and we had 70 degree temperatures here in Boulder today.  I went to get a season ski pass in shorts the other day, (felt odd to say the least.)

Speaking of warmth, my digital drawing board is smoking from the friction of use. I have been exceedingly busy over the past few months and that explains my absence here.

October and November brought a great deal of political cartoon work, which typically increases during election cycles.

I created a good number of political cartoons for newspapers such as the San Francisco Examiner, many Senate campaigns, as well as special interest groups and financial firms. (Some examples below).

Some other work over the past several weeks...

One of several cartoons created for Cisco Systems, for use in publicizing and marketing a series of new teleconferencing technologies.

A piece for Cozi inc...publishers of a popular parenting magazine & website. (Geez, this one was for Halloween...time has really flown.) I'm currently working on a Christmas piece for them.

...And speaking of Christmas...I'm doing several holiday cards for several corporate is an unusual piece for a nice fellow who runs a pet service in Washington DC.

 Monthly cartoon for Leadership Review magazine

 Two pieces from a series of golf cartoons done for Chicago-based Straight North, Inc.

One a several cartoons for a humor book about dating.


I'm currently illustrating six books...four of which I can't share yet, but will do so after they go to press.

Back to the drawing board...after this little respite, it should be cool enough to touch again.

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  1. It looks like you have been covering a wide range of subject matter lately. Some very funny stuff, in the corporate, dating humor and the political cartoons!


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