Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cartoon Caption Contest III

After working to meet a slew of cartoon and illustration deadlines, I got the itch for another cartoon caption contest...

Simply think of a caption for the featured cartoon above and submit it. (You can post it as a comment below or email it to me.) Anyone can enter, including everyone who entered the last two.

The winner's name will be posted here, along with the finished cartoon featuring their caption. He or she will also receive a copy of the cartoon, (with their name added to the signature line).


  1. So Santa, I'll paraphrase, you feel you have lost confidence because you don't think you can navigate without your GPS?

  2. In an extremely close round of voting, (final and deciding vote cast by my wife), the winner is Kevin Gleeson with his entry:

    "OK, think back to 1967, and answer verrry carefully. When you didn't give a Kenner Close'N'Play to a certain little boy who wanted it more than anything else in the whole wide world, how did it make you feel?"

    Congratulations, Kevin (and to Rich) for very funny entries!


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