Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

First of all, a recent illustration done for Northwestern Mutual Life. (A piece commissioned for their ads and marketing...not really a humorous cartoon, but an illustration intended to introduce their services targeted to retirement.)

(Click to enlarge)

The second image is a 'Halloweened' version of that illustration that my daughter Julia and I played with the other night.

Often she will come and visit me in my studio and ask to sit on my lap while I'm working on something. Occasionally we will digitally draw over what I have in process, and then we take turns adding silly details...(the sorts of things that will make an eight year-old laugh.) No one ever sees these Bizarro-versions of the cartoons, (and certainly I never send them to a client.) But it is a fun way to spend some time with my little girl.

Here's hoping you (and your goblins, vampires, pirates, etc.), have a fantastic Hallow's Eve.

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