Friday, June 08, 2007

School's out

As Alice Cooper crooned, SCHOOL'S OUT!

School is not out everywhere, but it soon will be.
My daughter's last day of school was yesterday and she is both excited and a bit melancholy to be finished with first grade. (My wife and I can today Julia's bedroom has been transformed into a stuffed animal hospital, with dozens of stuffed animals lined up for "treatment". Band aids, thermometers, and gauze pads are in heavy supply. We hesitate to guess what messy activity will be happening later today.)

During the school year, I illustrate a weekly children's feature for a publication distributed to elementary schools. (The Current Events, New York) It has been a fun diversion and also something that my daughter enjoys reading. (She even helps with occasional logistical decisions about what a kid's room might look like, etc.) The above installment ran in this week's issue...and will be the last for this school year before resuming again in the fall.

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