Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Romance (Beware the Ides of March)

The subject of dating and relationships has always fascinated me. It can require all of one's wit, creativity, patience and intelligence to navigate relationships, (especially over a lifetime with a significant other). It's a subject that we must master to find happiness in life...yet it's the one in which we receive the least amount of training. It's not covered in school -- and call me crazy -- but I think it should be.

As for today's cartoon: I'm a big college basketball fan...and it occurred to me that finding "the one" is not unlike March Madness.


  1. Hi Mark, welcome to the blogosphere! I like the comparison of dating to the NCAA tournament. If I remember right (it was a long time ago), I worked up more of a sweat asking a girl for a date than playing hoops!

  2. Thanks, Brad. I suppose it was high time that I joined the party. ...And I can relate to your "sweating to ask for a date" thing.


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