Thursday, December 23, 2010

Holiday greetings

Every year beginning in October, some of my regular corporate clients commission me to create Christmas/Holiday/Winter greeting cards and advertising pieces.

If you took note that I used a general "Christmas/Holiday/Winter"...there is a good reason, as the discussion with those clients often involves how to approach the subject in today's sensitive, politically correct view of things.

As you can imagine, sometimes it's a challenge, especially if those companies have committees or board meetings to decide what corporate message they should send. Committees are the destruction of many a good humor piece, but when it comes to being politically correct, they can make a simple thing very complicated.

I've posted a couple of fairly straightforward Christmas Holiday cards, (one more Christmas-themed than the other), for two long-term clients.

Suffice it to say that not all companies have such willingness to send out 'Christmas' cards. Some want generic Happy Holidays cards...or in some cases, just a humorous winter scene.

This past week, I was also asked by a regular client, (Hubspot Inc, in Cambridge MA), to write and draw a cartoon for their marketing blog, covering the difficulty many firms have determining how to word their Holiday greetings. This line of back and forth with a company has actually happened to me, several times...

                                                                    (Click to enlarge)

And with that, a Merry Christmas to all, (and Happy Hanukkah, as well as a Happy Kwanzaa.)

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  1. Always LOVED your Christmas Cards!
    Pam Trzepacz


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